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About Us: 

We are a Christian based, family owned and operated business serving Chattanooga, Tn and Clearwater, FL. Our Beloved Doves are very special to us. Therefore they are fed, bathed and flown regularly. We have invested many, many hours into caring and training them so they will return home safely upon being released. White Dove Memories only flies a Homing breed known as Rock Doves which are closely related to the racing pigeon. They are bred to develop the homing ability so they can safely return home upon being released. White Dove Memories is a Premiere Memorial Dove Release provider with several decades of experience. We have a trusted reputation with hundreds of clients. Thousands of people have seen our trained birds at numerous events: The Centennial Olympics, Disney, Dollywood, Animal Planet, festivals and movies. Tennessee History was made when members of our staff reintroduced the endangered peregrine falcon back into the wild after a 50 year nesting absence. We were honored with a feature story in Southern Living Magazine.

Our Release Policy:

White Dove Memories places the health and well being of our doves first and foremost. For this reason, we adhere to a humane release policy with strict guidelines to protect our birds from dangerous circumstances.We maintain only pure white banded, healthy, homing pigeons that are properly trained to return home upon being released.  We do not release our birds in inclement weather: severe thunderstorms, heavy fog and high winds.  A refund will be afforded should inclement weather result in a cancellation of the ceremony.  We do not provide birds for self release. An experienced professional accompanies our doves at all releases  We will not release our birds at night. All releases must be performed a minimum of one hour prior to sunset depending on distance of flight.  We do not release our doves indoors.  Our goal is to enhance your ceremony with a beautiful professional release and at the same time; assure a safe flight home for our beloved doves.   Call Us With Any Questions 423.641.1337

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