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Our Release Policy:

White Dove Memories places the health and well being of our doves first and foremost. For this reason, we adhere to a humane release policy with strict guidelines to protect our beloved  birds from dangerous circumstances. We maintain only pure white banded, healthy, homing pigeons that are properly trained to return home upon being released.  We do not release our birds in inclement weather: severe thunderstorms, heavy fog and high winds.  A refund will be afforded should inclement weather result in a cancellation of the ceremony.  We do not provide birds for self release. An experienced professional release coordinator accompanies our doves at all releases  We will not release our birds at night. All releases must be performed a minimum of one hour prior to sunset depending on distance of flight.  We do not release our doves indoors.  Our goal is to enhance your ceremony with a beautiful professional dove release and at the same time; assure a safe flight home for our beloved doves. 


From Our Family to Yours.

White Dove Memories of Tennessee

What areas do you serve?  Pinellas County, FL including St Pete, Largo & Seminole.

We serve the Tennessee communities of Alcoa, Athens, Benton, Chattanooga, Chatsworth, Cleveland, Chickamauga, Dalton, Dayton, Decatur, Dunlap, Etowah, Farragut, Fort Oglethorpe, Jasper, Kingston, LaFayette, Lenoir City, Lookout Mountain, Madisonville, Maryville, Ocoee, Red Bank, Rockwood, Signal Mountain, Soddy Daisy, Spring City, Sweetwater, Vonore and many other cities and venues in East Tennessee and North Georgia.

How far can they fly? 

Rock Doves have been known to fly hundreds of miles. However, we limit our releases to a 60 mile radius from the loft in order to protect our beloved doves from long dangerous flights.

How are the Doves able to find their way back? 

The Rock Dove's ability to return home from long distances has always been a mystery. Scientist's are not exactly sure how they find their way home. Some believe it is the Earth's magnetic fields while others believe it is memory. It is one of God's mysteries.   

Are they Doves or Pigeons?   

White Dove Memories only raises and trains white rock doves, also known as homing pigeons.  

Will the bird mess on us or one of our guests?    Doves in flight place their feet behind them. This generally stops them from messing in flight. The Doves are fed a minimal amount the day of the event and they are on a special diet to assist in preventing an accident. However, there are no guarantees that we can control nature and an accident will not occur.  

Do Doves mate for life?     Yes! They do mate for life. This  commitment is one of the reasons; a dove release is a wonderful gift for the Bride & Groom.


Can we buy White Doves from the local pet shop and release them?     Releasing turtle doves is inhumane. They do not have the ability to home. Therefore, they would not be able to find shelter or food. Allowing them to become easy prey to predators. They are very poor flyers and are unable to fend for themselves.


Have More Questions?

Please call or email us with any questions or special requests you may have. We are very flexible in meeting the unique needs of the families we serve.